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Second edition - coming soon

posted 4 Nov 2014, 14:17 by Paul Swartout   [ updated 26 Aug 2016, 16:19 ]
The second edition is currently in the works and hopefully will be published before end of 2014 (that's the plan). This is an incremental update which brings things up to date and addresses some of the issues raised as feedback for the first edition. Here's the table of contents - just to give you a flavor of what's new / changed:

Chapter 1, Evolution of a software house introduces you to ACME systems and the evolution of their business from fledgling start-up through the growing pains following acquisition by a global corporate, to a best of both worlds.
Chapter 2, No pain, no gain introduces techniques which can be used to determine the current pain points within your software delivery process and where they stem from.
Chapter 3, Plan of attack gives you some pointers into how the success of implementing CD and DevOps can be defined and how that success can be measured.
Chapter 4, Culture and behaviors highlights the importance of the “human” factors that must be to taken seriously into account if you want CD and DevOps to succeed.
Chapter 5, Approaches, tools and techniques will give you some options around the various tools and techniques (some technical, some not so) that can help with the implementation and adoption of CD and DevOps.
Chapter 6, Hurdles along the way will give you some useful tips and tricks for overcoming or avoiding the bumps in the road during the journey that is adopting CD and DevOps.
Chapter 7, Vital Measurements focuses on the various metrics and measures that can be used to monitor and communicate the relative success of CD and DevOps adoption.
Chapter 8, Are we there yet? focuses on the sorts of things you should be looking out for once the adoption of CD and DevOps has become embedded in your day to day ways of working.
Chapter 9, The future is bright will provide some insight into how you can take CD and DevOps techniques and experience beyond the tradition software delivery process. 
Appendix A, Some useful info provides you with some more detailed information about the tools referenced within the book and some useful contacts within the global continuous delivery and DevOps community.
Appendix B,  Where am I on the evolutionary scale? provides you with one simplistic way to determine how advanced your CD and DevOps adoption is.
Appendix C, Retrospective games provides example agile games which can be used to in conjunction with the techniques covered in Chapter 2.
Appendix D, Vital measurements expanded provides some additional background and advancement of the areas covered in Chapter 7.