Who am I?

I have spent over 2 decades working with and within IT and software engineering - which either means I'm very experienced or just very old. 

Starting out as a junior developer within a small software house I have filled a number of roles over the years including software engineer, system administrator, project manager, program manager, operations manager and software development manager. I have worked across a number of different industries and sectors - from supply chain, through manufacturing, education, HR, gardening and retail to entertainment and energy - and within organisations of various sizes from start-ups to multi-national corporates.

I am passionate about software and how it is delivered - since first encountering “agile” well over a decade ago I have been committed to the adoption and implementation of agile techniques and approaches to help those involved in the delivery of software become more efficient, effective and proud of what they do.

I'm a certified scrum master, signatory to the agile manifesto and active advocate of using agile methodologies and ways of working to improve the effectiveness of teams; be that XP, Lean, Scrum, KanBan or a combination of them all.

I live in a seaside town in Southwest England with my wife and two small (and now one larger) yappy things.

You can get hold of my CV from here